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Lamp Post/Chandelier

Chandelier and Lamp Post Rental Las Vegas Lamp Post & Chandelier Rental...
Price Range - Starting at $65 each.

When you rent lamp posts or chandeliers from Vegas Event Lights the decor at your next event will not only be beautiful, but functional as well!

Rustic lamp posts are the perfect accent to provide intimate area lighting at outdoor venues. Our lamp posts can be placed virtually anywhere, and with two brightness settings available they are a beautiful, but cost effective, option to illuminate dimly lit areas at your next event.

Chandeliers can also provide the perfect touch of subtle glamor to a venue. Whether utilized throughout a tent or ballroom to create a chic ambience, or simply placed above a sweet heart or cake table to define the area with timeless elegance, our chandeliers will make an opulent impact at an affordable price.


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