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LED Flex Neon Signs

Price - $75 - $95 - Including Setup. Customer pickup/return options start at $50.

Vegas Event Lights has a large inventory of unique LED flex neon signs available for rent. Our premium LED flex neon signs are RGBW enabled, allowing them to be set to the color of your choice or cycle through all colors to set the party vibe! Perfect for photo-ops, sweetheart table backdrops, or an added piece of chic décor, a LED Flex neon sign will be the perfect addition to your next Las Vegas baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, birthday party, and more. Available for customer pick-up and return or with delivery and installation, contact Vegas Event Lights today to rent an RBG LED flex neon sign for your next event!

Available Signs:


    (15"H x 52"L)


    (35"H x (32"L)

  • "MR & MRS"

    (14"H x 39"L)


    (17"H x 40"L)

  • "OH BABY"

    (16"H x 32"L)


    (13"H x 31"L)

  • Numbers 0-9


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