Lotus House Las Vegas

The lush grass lawns combined with its large circular patio make the Lotus House a perfect Las Vegas venue to host a beautiful outdoor wedding. The outdoor space at the Lotus House is truly a blank slate and for most clients the lighting is an integral design element that also adds definition to the large area. Vegas Event Lights has extensive experience in working at the Lotus House and has truly transformed the space for past clients. With a keen familiarity with this venue, Vegas Event Lights can offer a wide assortment of lighting options based on your needs, budget, and desired effect.  

Whether you want an intricate bistro string light and twinkle light tent over the large circular patio or you want to host a dinner reception under a large fairy light canopy on the lawn, Vegas Event Lights has done it all at the Lotus House Las Vegas. With options to include tree wrapping, lamp posts, chandeliers, and more, you can be confident in knowing that the lighting at your next event will be both functional and memorable while keeping budget in mind.

If you choose to use the modern indoor space at the Lotus House, bring the room to life by making it glow with Vegas Event Lights wireless LED uplights. When strategically placed throughout the indoor space, wireless uplights can highlight specific areas or make the color of your choice radiate throughout the room. For those looking for a more dramatic, yet soft effect for the indoor space, Vegas Event Lights’ LED light curtains and/or glass chandeliers are an ideal choice. Vegas Event Lights also offers a variety of decorative lighting products that work well at this property, including marquee letters, LED neon signs, LED trees, gobos / monograms, LED arches, and more!

If you will be hosting your next Las Vegas party or wedding at the Lotus House, be sure to contact Vegas Event Lights for a party lighting quote today!

Lotus House Wedding Lighting in Las Vegas

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