window coverd with light

Light Walls Tunnels & Canopies

Price Range - Typically $10-$25 a Foot.

  • Warm LED Lights

  • Custom Designs

  • Backdrops or Full Enclosures

Let Vegas Event Lights add some twinkle to your next Las Vegas event by adding a light wall or light tunnel / canopy. Available with or without shear curtain fabric and customizable in size, twinkle light walls, tunnels, or canopies are a good option to add some dazzle to nearly any space. Whether you are trying to highlight a specific area or you are trying to host a romantic dinner / reception under the delicate lights, Vegas Event Lights can bring your vision to life. Lights walls, with or without curtains, are the perfect lighted backdrop for a sweetheart table, head table, buffet area, or photo op, while our larger tunnels / canopies can create a spectacular entrance or a special ambiance to host a dinner under. Book Vegas Event Lights, lit curtain walls and/or tunnels for your special day!

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