Red Rock Country Club

Red Rock Country Club boasts of beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces. With a keen familiarity with this venue, Vegas Event Lights can offer a wide assortment of lighting options based on your needs, budget, and desired effect. From providing festive uplights for a birthday party in the main ballroom to providing extensive, bistro lighting, tree lighting, and light canopy options for an extravagant outdoor wedding, Vegas Event Lights has tailored to events of all sizes at Red Rock Country Club. Bistro lights and/or twinkle lights strung from the ceiling inside the ballroom are beautiful, yet sophisticated options that are well suited for weddings, fundraisers, and other social events, while vibrant wireless LED uplights can add a splash of color that elevates the party atmosphere. The lush outdoor space yields ample opportunity for the lighting to be creative based on your vision. With the use of bistro lights, light canopies, tree wrapping, and/or lamp posts, Vegas Event Lights can transform the lawn at Red Rock Country Club into an extraordinary space to host an outdoor event of any size. Vegas Event Lights also offers a variety of decorative lighting products that work well at this property, including marquee letters, LED neon signs, chandeliers, LED trees, gobos / monograms, and more.

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A banquet room adorned with beautiful bistro lighting.

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