LDS Churches & Pavilions

Vegas Event Lights has extensive experience in providing lighting services at the many LDS churches and pavilions throughout the Las Vegas Valley. When hosting a wedding at a LDS gymnasium or pavilion, bistro string lights are a highly effective lighting option. The warm glow that bistro lights emit makes them an ideal choice for function while still creating an elegant ambiance with budget in mind. The addition of twinkle fairy lights along the perimeter of a pavilion and/or incorporated with the bistro string lights inside a pavilion or gymnasium will also leave your guests impressed.  For clients that are looking for a more extraordinary lighting effect, Vegas Event Lights specializes in tree as well as twinkle light curtains and canopies.  Vegas Event Lights also offers a variety of decorative lighting products that work well at these properties, including marquee letters, LED neon signs, LED trees, gobos / monograms, chandeliers, LED arches, lamp posts and more!

If you will be hosting your next Las Vegas party or wedding at a LDS Church, be sure to contact Vegas Event Lights for a party lighting quote today!

A wedding under a tent covered in fairy lights at different venues.

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